The Process of Painting Your Vehicle

So, you might be wondering, what all is involved in painting a car? There are a few steps to the process. First, the car must be prepped for a new coat of paint. This includes a power wash, a layer of grease remover, and the car is sanded down completely. Then, the car is prepped with plastic covering to protect all areas that should not be painted; including: tires, windows, headlights, etc. Once complete, the car is ready for paint. However, getting the paint ready to be sprayed is a whole other process.

The color paint is applied in even coats, then a clear coat is applied at the end. The clear coat is what gives cars a shiny finish, the color alone is a matte finish. A fresh paint job might be just what your car needs to make it feel new again either for your personal use or to help spruce it up to sell.

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