Deer Season Driving Tips & Facts

With deer season approaching everyone here at Lancaster Auto Body would like to give some tips and facts to help ensure safe driving during this time of year.

A few facts…
-Deer collisions are most likely to occur during deer breeding season – from October through early January.
-Prime times to find deer near the roadside are around dawn and from dusk to late evening.
Deer are pack animals. So if you see one, be assured that others are usually close by.

A few tips…
-Always wear your seatbelt – Sixty percent of fatal animal crashes occurred when the driver was not wearing a seatbelt.
-Know the likely deer-crossing zones – Whether or not a road is marked with a Deer Crossing Sign, be especially alert for deer when driving on roads or highways on the outskirts of town and in rural areas – especially where roads divide farm land from wooded land.
-Know when deer are on the move – Be especially careful between 5AM and 8AM and between 5PM and midnight.
-Don’t rely on devices – Items like deer whistles, deer fences and reflectors have not been proven effective at deterring deer crossing roadways.
-Brake firmly if you notice a deer near the road – Slow down and stop if necessary. Be careful not to swerve out of your lane either into on-coming traffic or off the shoulder and into a ditch.
Keep your distance – If you do strike a deer, don’t approach it. An injured deer is frightened and can injure you as well as further injuring itself. If the deer is blocking the roadway, it poses a threat to other drivers; so call the authorities immediately.

Be alert and drive safe….or come visit us here at the shop

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