There are many ways to clean and organize your car, but all of them start with some good, old-fashioned spring cleaning. Here are our 5 steps to de-cluttering your car!

  1. Cleaning. Yes, it’s the top of the list. Vacuuming the seats and floors, wiping down the dash and console, vacuuming the floor mats, washing your vehicle, and protecting it with wax or a sealant. All these regular cleaning tasks may be chores, but it’s the best place to start when tidying and sorting out the goodies from the trash in your car.
  2. Next, consider what you really need to have in your car. Return your mugs and water bottles, and miscellaneous containers to their rightful place indoors for a good wash.
  3. It would also do some good to go through your glove box, center console, and other storage compartments in your car. Do you really need every single paper evidencing your car’s SMOG from 2003 until now? Keep the necessary paperwork, and store or shred the rest.
  4. Tackle the trunk. If de-cluttering your vehicle is on your to-do list, this will likely be the most time-consuming part. We tend to toss trash, leave our spare blankets, and abandon our long-forgotten purchases back here. After all, out of sight, out of mind, right? Well, not for spring cleaning! Just as with the clutter in the cabin of your car, spend some time returning your things to their places inside. If you have a spare tire underneath the floor of your trunk, lift up the floor and check it out- dirt, grime, and clutter accumulate down there too! Once you’ve cleaned, organized, and decluttered, vacuum out the trunk and return your safety supplies like jumper cables, spare tire, and glow sticks to the trunk.
  5. Do one more sweep of the car, making sure you’ve gotten all the garbage and that you’ve returned all your emergency supplies to your car as well.

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